Tips - Smart Searching

  1. Use in their zip code
    • When searching for programs, use your client/patient/member's zip code to find programs where they live, not where your office is

  2. Type in a keyword
    • Use the keyword search on the top left if you have a specific need. If you get 0 results, check again the next day, we map keywords to the right resources every night!

  3. Click on "what" tags for more programs with that service
    • If you see a "what" tag that is in line with the kinds of programs you're seeking, click the tag to see all the programs in that zip code that offer that service!

  4. Click on organization's name to see more programs
    • We list resources by program, not organization. If an organization has many programs, you can click on the organization and all of the programs they offer will appear

  5. Find eligibility information under the "Description" tab
    • Sometimes there is eligibility criteria beyond family size and income. If we know that information, we will list it in the "Description" tab



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