Reading a Program Listing

  1. We share a lot of information with you about each program. Here's how you can find what you need.

    1. The coverage area where this program provides service
    2. The name of the program
    3. The agency providing the program
    4. The distance from the center of the zip code
    5. Today's hours of operation
    6. What services the program offers
    7. To whom the services are available
    8. The Next Steps tab tells you how to connect with the program
    9. The Description tab gives an overview of the program and can also include helpful information such as:
      - Eligibility
      - Items one might need to bring for intake
      - Languages the program supports
      - Cost
      - Program website and social media sites
      - Coverage area for the program's services
      - The last time the program information was updated in the database
    10. The Hours and Locations tab will list the nearest three locations and their hours of operation
    11. Reviews allow you to leave notes for your fellow staff about the program that can help them decide if it would be a good fit for the person they are helping
    12. The Connect Button allows you to contact the agency if they have an email on file as well as keep a record of where you've referred to in the past.
    13. Send to a Friend allows you to email or text the program information to someone else 
    14. Add to Favorites allows you to save a program to a favorites folder for quick access 
    15. Details and Print allows you see all of the program details in one place and print in a printer-friendly format 
    16. If you notice information on the program listing is incorrect, click "Report a Change" and let us know what the issue is. We will confirm with the program and have a response to you within 48 hours 
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