Search by Keyword

If there is a specific need, you can search by keyword.

How to Search by Keyword

  1. After you enter a zip code, locate the keyword search on the top left hand side of the screen
  2. Type in a keyword* for example, "food pantry" or "counseling"

  3. If you speak a language other than English, select a language and search for a keyword in that language
    Example: If you select Spanish** and type in "Dinero," the categories and listings will be translated into Spanish and programs under the category of money will be displayed

    *Note, it is a smart search meaning if you search for "light bill" it will take you to programs that help pay for utility assistance

    **Note, all translations are through Google Translate, not Aunt Bertha. While it is not perfect, it's a great starting place.


Watch this video to see how to search by keyword!

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