Add Notes

When you have information about a program that would be helpful to remember in the future or share with other staff members, use the Reviews feature. For example, a food pantry that has a great selection of food, or a program tends to reach capacity at the end of the month.

How to Add a Note

  1. Log in and search by Category or Keyword, and then follow the steps below.
  2. Once you find a program you like, locate the "My Notes" tab on the Program Listing
  3. Select how many stars the program should receive with 5 being the best
  4. Leave your note or tip in the text box
  5. Select either "Post as a personal note" to keep the note private or select "Share with" and select a group from the drop down menu. Anyone in the group you select will be able to see your review
  6. Click the "Save Note" button

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