Search by Category

To find resources in your community, you can search for programs by zip code.

How to Search by Category

  1. Enter the zip code where you are looking for services and click "Search". If you are searching for someone else, use their zip code as programs are listed by coverage area.
  2. Hover or click on the categories at the top (Food, Housing, Goods, etc.)
  3. Select a sub-category from the drop down menu
  4. Scroll down to view programs available in the area 
  5. If you want to narrow your search, you can select filters on the left navigation where it says "Narrow Your Search"
    Example: If you are searching for a Senior Citizen, you can check "Seniors" and "All Ages" to see what programs serve them
  6. If you want to narrow your search by family size and income, you can search by eligibility


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    Sonia Caceres

    Como encuentro ayuda para pagar Alquiler..Ayuda para montar negocio de Grooming para mascotas.

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