Adding a Screener

What is a screener and why would I add one?

A screener is an additional layer of questions which ensures that a person who is interested in your program is eligible for those services.

You can tailor the questions so they're applicable for each of your programs.

You will also save time by eliminating the need to conduct phone or in-person interviews to determine eligibility.

To name just a few, ask questions about:

  • Household
  • Current housing
  • History of drug or alcohol abuse


How to add a screener

Step 1:  Send an email to and include the following:

  • Request to add a screener for your program
  • Your program's eligibility requirements and main ideas of what you hope to gather from this form

Step 2:  A member of Aunt Bertha's Community Engagement team will respond back with:

  • Their suggestions for screening questions
  • A comprehensive list of additional questions that can be added to the screener

Step 3:  Once you've approved the screening questions, a member of the Community Engagement team will finalize the screener and add it to your program listing


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