What is a Claimed Program and Why Does it Have a Badge?

The claimed badge is a marker Aunt Bertha uses on program cards to indicate the program has been claimed. Claiming means:

  1. Information associated with the program has been reviewed for accuracy by someone who works for the organization that administers the program.
  2. Providers have access to continually update their program information.

Claiming is essentially a provider saying, “I work at this organization and I’d like to make sure my program's information is up-to-date on Aunt Bertha.”



For those looking for help (on behalf of themselves or someone else):

Programs with a claim badge have been reviewed by the provider or agency that administers them. By claiming, providers are helping to ensure that their program’s information is accurate and up-to-date.


For direct service providers/agencies:

By claiming your program as a direct service provider, you agree to review your program at least every six months to ensure accuracy and update any program details. People in need and those helping them navigate are more easily able to find your service and see if they qualify if your program information is up to date. As a claimed provider, you also have access to multiple free features on AuntBertha.com. More on that here.


To claim your program and add the Claimed Badge, click here.

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