Analytics: Reading My Claimed Provider Dashboard

Your Claimed Provider Dashboard is a snapshot of your program’s analytics on Aunt Bertha. Here, you’ll be able to see and download information such as the number of times your program showed up in searches on Aunt Bertha, the number of people who viewed your program, and more.


How to access and use your Program Activity Report

1. Click the "Analytics" tab.



2. Select “Claimed Provider Dashboard” by clicking the “View Report” button.



3. Choose which program’s report you would like to view, as well as the date range and aggregation of the report by clicking “Filter” in the top left corner. Once you have made your selection, click “Apply”.


4. Check out all the impactful analytics related to your claimed programs, like…

How many people are searching for and interacting with your program on


See what months people are searching for your programs and what actions they’re taking on your                 listing.


See what zip codes people searched to find your programs.


…..and a whole lot more!


5. Edit, search, or export parts of the report by clicking the “More Options” menu in the top-right corner of any analytics graphic.


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