Who Can Claim and Edit Programs?

Who can claim my programs?

If you founded, run, work for, or are otherwise affiliated with a program listed on AuntBertha.com, you can claim that program. You do not have to be the Program Director or Executive Director to claim the program, but we do verify that the user attempting to claim is affiliated with the program.

A single program can be claimed by more than one person, so multiple staff within your organization can have access to edit your program and use the free tools in our Provider Package.

By claiming a program, you unlock the ability to update your programs’ information to ensure the right people are able to find your services easily as well as many free tools to help you put Aunt Bertha to work for you.

For more information on how to claim your programs, click here.


Who can edit my programs?

1.  Our data team updates the programs. They strive to do this every six months, but as we rapidly grow, we encourage claimed providers to update their programs when something changes.

2.  And providers can update their programs too.

At the time a program is claimed, we look to see if your information matches what we know about the organization you work for. If it matches, we complete the claim instantaneously. If the information is slightly different than what we would expect, our Community Engagement team takes a look and may contact you for more information. We take this combined approach to make claiming as easy as possible while also maintaining the security of your data. A user can only edit a program’s information if they have successfully claimed it on AuntBertha.com


A note on data entry and security…

For more information on how we update programs internally and how we manage our data, click here.


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