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Printed resource guides were once the go-to solution to quickly see what programs and resources were available in a certain area. However, in the ever-changing world of social services, resource guides quickly become outdated and the list, though comprehensive, does not include a way for staff to share which programs they like (or don’t like).

Aunt Bertha has a solution – Shared Favorite Folders!

Important Note: Aunt Bertha must add folder sharing to your account--simply email and we’ll work with you to get started.



When logged into Aunt Bertha, you can create “Favorite” folders and share them among your staff. Once a Favorites folder is shared with a group, anyone can add their preferred programs. Since Aunt Bertha updates all listings every six months, the information is always up to date!

Finally, by using the “Reviews” feature, staff can leave comments about the programs, sharing their experience with fellow colleagues from any location.


Favorite a Program

Save programs to the Favorites section for easy reference later. Click “Add to Favorites” and create a new folder or pick an existing folder.


View Favorites

You can view the programs you have saved under My Favorites.  


Sharing, Editing and Printing a Favorite Folder

You can share your Favorite folder with someone outside of your organization by email, or share with a group that you are a part of.

You can rename your Favorite folder by clicking on Edit.

Finally, you can print the entire folder containing your favorite listings all at once.



Now, the shared folder will appear in the favorites drop down menu, allowing anyone to add their favorite program to that folder as well. Now you have a curated list of your favorite resources that are always up to date!



Write a Review

To keep notes about programs, use the “Write a Review” feature. For example, you can note that an organization generally has great availability and keep track of helpful employees.

You can keep your notes private or share with your group, giving everyone more information!



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